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✖ "I write only because there is a voice inside of me that will not be still." - Sylvia Plath

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loving him is easy
loving all the others was hard

why did i force myself,
jam myself, basically attach myself
to the end of a harpoon
and throw myself point first
into cramp spaces
in other people’s puzzles
when the one I had to complete
was still out there waiting for me?

 judgements drip
but they’re merely
passages we’ve ripped
aristotle, kierkegaard
& descartes

but we can’t
just read kant
we were children once
we played in playdoh
& now we can’t just rely on plato
"do not train a child
to learn by force or harshness”

we must dip
our fingertips
into the well of humanity
mold our own mountaintops

wash our minds
repetition and regurgitation
be gone

they say they saw mill
but all they grabbed
were handfuls of dust
to throw in the eye

maybe we’re blind now
and maybe that’s
all we need to
really hear the heartbeat of the world

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072514 (6:15PM)fomo

we weigh ourselves down
with fear of missing out syndrome
everything has become a syndrome
we’re all washed out waves
looking for something to renew
but instead we waste our time
staring at facebook and twitter

anxieties aren’t nailed
in a coffin buried six feet under
they’re living breathing entities

we hug it out with the
pharmaceutical complex
cymbalta, xanax, zoloft

forcing our brains to change
from something inevitable

we’re too preoccupied
with thigh gaps and
how much booze
is gonna be at the kickback

we’re crashing tooth first
into tabletops
there is no buoyancy
in this digital age

only the ankle weights
called technology

She’s black & blue
a bruised soul
that scrapes
back & forth
on the kindness of others

She smiles
when she puts her hand out
to hold yours

a slow grin
that snails across her face
lips gooped in gloss
they shine so hard—
you can see your reflection in them

                          But she retreats
her hand shakes
it’s a rattle
it’s a warning
it’s her chef-d’œuvre

she’s lapping you up
before you even know what’s going on

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California by (zacharydomes)


California by (zacharydomes)

072514 (9:07AM)7

Seven years
it’s been seven years
year seven is 
finally when you stop
swallowing your tears
it’s when the sun
isn’t a constant reminder
that your glow is not here
it’s when the memories
are blurred but they’re still near

thinking of you
never becomes fringe
sadness seeps just a tinge

you’re feathered angel wings
you’re an imprint on my heart
a thumbprint in a butter and jam cookie
the wind sneaking
beneath me & my doubts

year seven
& you’re still here

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072514 (12:13AM)

the vast greatness by (herhollowway)


the vast greatness by (herhollowway)

one day at a time,
I became
obsessed with you

I climbed into your soul
I tried to let my foot touch
every step on the ladder
to ease myself in
"be careful"
everyone told me
when i was jumping into

but I found myself falling flat
on my back

but i never felt pain
you caught me
you let me build a home
in the middle of your heart
and now I know

I’ll never leave

my words are

dipped in dark chocolate,
sprinkled with sugar,
baked in snickerdoodles,
wrapped in momma’s apple pie
that she bakes on a warm summer day
the cinnamon tickles
the smooth peeled apples
just slide down your throat
coated with the sticky filling


they lie among sour patch kids,
nerds ropes & caramel lollipops
they stick to your ear canals
and never make it to your brain

                          maybe i should just
                            be a bittermelon

because i hand you
all the sweetness i can muster up
and you ignore me anyways

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