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✖ "I write only because there is a voice inside of me that will not be still." - Sylvia Plath

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090114 (1:17AM)
090114 (12:52AM)

he hides behind
the glass screen comfort
of his “smart” phone

can’t type to the girl
"are you okay?"
even in the eye of a hurricane

(he backspaces the same
text 25 times before putting it to rest)

she smells
his stinking, rotten, stayed out
in the sun too long
so now maggots crawl all over it 
infancy at its finest
from miles away

technology =/= bravery
in this day and age

090114 (12:44AM)

I didn’t believe in soulmates:
there are over 7 billion people in the world,
there’s around 825,000 in my city,
and I’m shy with a slight stutter
if I’m stuck while staring
into stunning eyes.

Not to mention there are
hundreds and hundreds of hobbies
that separate me from some people
and bring me closer to others,
creating many different combinations
of people I could possibly end up with

maybe, I thought, everyone has more than one “soulmate.”

but then I met you,

and somehow even though
I drink too much whiskey, 
daydream and don’t do dishes,
don’t dress in scantily clad
clothing day in and day out,
and can’t cook unless I’m staring down a recipe,

you still love me
& my neuroticism

our souls aligned

and I believe
(defying logic here)
that you’re the only one
who can make me feel so whole.

090114 (12:16AM)

a drought afflicted river
until you met him:

the bitter powder,
he stole your words
and fed you some by the handful
"love, admiration, trust"
but all of those?
the chalky dust of lies
he folded neatly in the cuts
of those who came before
letting new dermis form over them
and ripping them open again

your only lover 
since you’ve met him/

We poison ourselves to stay sane.

I’m half yours— you’re never here.

083114 (2:41PM)


the first breath we take

isn’t taint

by worry


doesn’t meet the mind
in the same way

where do
we go
to get back to that?

083014 (9:34PM)

Coff’inspiration - {by David Olkarny} | {WebSite}


Coff’inspiration - {by David Olkarny} | {WebSite}

083014 (7:39PM)

(Source: sarahmariaelvira)

082814 (10:39PM)

I’m waiting
for it to become


more than walking
something more than
sticking to the path

being blinded by the sun
being trapped
by the cloak of oppression

i throw my hood up
so that I can block it out

but it chases me down

the loans pile up,
the pressure sinks in
22, jobless and the choir’s singing

when will I begin to fit in?

082814 (10:51AM)

The world:
never you and I.

has a leprechaun
stolen your tongue?
fool’s gold drips

you pay the price
by having friends
who play nice

but do you know
what they really think?

do you know it’s all
sugar and smoke
but no pizazz?